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Hot Tub Pad Ideas

Commonly, hot tub pad is made by concrete material such as cement. This material as we all know is the sturdiest and will stay for long term.  However, this material is not flexible since this material used; you can’t do anything with this when you need to remove your tub.

Alternatives of Hot Tub Pad Material

Instead, use concrete cement as material for hot tub pad; you can use more flexible alternative materials such as treated wood or lumber, pea rock or gravel, etc.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel can work well for Jacuzzi pad. Even you can do the installation by yourself to make a pad from pea. You just need to ensure your level it property. You can purchase worth of gravel pad from Wal-Mart about $150.

Concrete Pavers

Pavers are also made of cement. Because the size made from small prints, pavers can be installed and dismantled easily. Combining gravel and pavers will create an surprisingly amiable of Jacuzzi pad.  The composite decking never rots but is flexible.

Hot Tub Pad IdeasWood Stage

A wood stage pad should work well as long as it’s purpose-built. It has to be appropriately reinforced to hold up the fantastic weight of the water. It’s also cheaper pad comparing with others pad.

Your hot tub should be put on a concrete pad at least 4″ thick and have footers on the edge below the frost line. The “standard” size for a concrete pad is 8′x 8′.

You can build a retaining basic wall in a sloped area, leveled the ground. Then, added 1/2″ of sand. And finally, topped it with 16 of those 2′x2′x1.5″. Solid pavers you can buy at the home store for about $5/ea.

You need to leave a small break between them, which you fill with pea gravel, to tolerate for expansion. It works well, is easy to level (with an 8′ 2×4) and remain level for long term. This hot tub pad will beautify your hot tub.

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