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1 Person Hot Tub Spa Sale

September 23rd, 2013 Small Hot Tubs

(one) 1 person hot tub provide all the comforts of the large hot tub. You can relax and reducing your stress levels and improves your heath levels from this one. All the benefits of a large hot tub you will see on a small 1 person Jacuzzi. A one person hot tub is the perfect spa in one small, spicy lounge.  If your backyard is too small, you should consider having 1 person tub. You still can have that hot-tub experience with these hot tubs.

1 person hot tub spa with hydrotherapy jets in this seat is the noticeable option for us. These don’t have a lot space but do not want to sacrifice calmly. Hydrotherapy of spa has been proven to offer a lot of relief to people suffering from a physical pain. The relaxing water jets of 1 person spas can truly relax the muscle and help faster your muscle recovery. This is also the proper form of therapy because since it takes place in the water, there is no total of stress being put on the person’s body.

Hydro spa this kind of tub is also ideal for massage center use and hotel. This spa is perfect to place on massage room. You who have a therapy center should consider 1 person Jacuzzi, it will improve your massage value and give satisfaction to your customers. For hotels, a spa service is the component that should exist.

Want to Buy 1 Person Hot Tub?

There are not many companies that produce this kind of tub. Gardenia is one of company that produce 1 person hot tub. The versatile size of the Gardenia makes it a faultless fit for a small patio or deck, both outdoors and indoors. Below are the specifications of Gardenia 1 person Jacuzzi.

Seating Capacity1
Size76″ x 40″ x 30″193 x 102 x 76 cm
Water Volume120 gl454 lt
Weight (dry/filled)250 / 1,250 lbs114 / 567 kg


1 Person Hot Tub SpaDespite the limitations of space, the garden Gardenia fits through the center in almost all areas, indoors or out.

This tray is portable Plug and Play ready, only to the desired location, fill it with water, plug into a standard outlet and enjoy the warm waters of the massage wonderful! Each aircraft in this design is strategically located to ensure the most relaxing experience. The plane is 15 Total release stress and tension in the feet, legs, torso, chest and arms of football players, basketball players or football players.

The design these 1 person Jacuzzi hot tub is nice with a beautiful jet stainless steel head-and maintenance-free fade PermaWood cabinet, a synthetic material, but the light is red and waterproof. Add private deluxe feature-packed, digital controls and high-power jets!

Slim One Person Hot Tub by SDSauna

This tub will become great investment for your home. This new one person hot Jacuzzi come with Massage Hydrotherapy, easy Remote Control to operate, Water Heater, and Shower Wand. The specification of this slim tub you can see below:

  • Includes:Water Jet Pump(1HP/750W), 5 Adjustable Massage & 3 Back Jets, 11 Bubble Jets(250W pump)
  • LCD Control Panel (w/ Remote), Shower Wand, Adjustable Thermostatic Faucet (w/ Ozone Water Cleaner)
  • Underwater LED Lighting, 1 Soft/Padded Waterproof Pillow, FM Radio with Speaker, Water Heater.
  • Dimensions: 66″ L x 32.5″ W x 24″ H overall. (Inner size: 55″ L x 24″ W x 16″ H), 110v and 20Amp.
  • Materials: Acrylic and ABS compound material with 3 layers of glass fiber reinforcement and a stainless steel frame.

Slim One Person Hot Tub by SDSauna

The Slim One Person Hot Tub by SDSauna

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